The Alexander campaign released the first three in a series of radio commentaries on important national issues.

These commentaries feature Senator Alexander discussing how he brings his perspective as Governor of Tennessee - making our state the first to pay teachers more for teaching well, recruiting the auto industry and raising family incomes, balancing the state's budget 8 times, and leaving the state with a AAA bond rating - to his approach to governing in the U.S. Senate.

The commentaries focus on his belief that decisions are better made in Tennessee and highlight the thoughtful, principled, conservative approach he takes to solving problems and keeping a meddlesome federal government in check.

Listen and see if you agree - if Washington would just adopt some Tennessee common sense, the kind Lamar Alexander brings from his experience as Governor - we can get this country heading in the right direction.

Listen to the commentaries here:

  • Budgets

  • Healthcare

  • Schools