"Lamar Was Right" Television Advertisement

  •  Lamar Alexander gave opening remarks on behalf of all congressional Republicans in opposition to Obamacare. The senator told the president the proposal would raise individual premiums. President Obama disagreed, but multiple studies have proved Alexander correct. 
  • Lamar voted to repeal, defund or oppose Obamacare or its provisions every time on the U.S. Senate floor.
  • Lamar supported the Cruz Amendment prohibiting federal funding for Obamacare. 
  • Lamar supported repeal of Obamacare’s “1099” provision. 
  • Lamar laid out principles of step-by-step health care reform that offered patients more choice and lowered health care costs.
  • Lamar supported Repeal of the CLASS Entitlement Act.

Stand with Lamar to get rid of the Obamacare legislation!

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